Each project we undertake is unique and we have the ability to be flexible and adjust to the project’s needs. Our “Making It Happen” approach underlines our company ethos and unravels our ability to deliver a successful project in four basic steps:

1.Understanding our Client Needs

Our starting point is ensuring we understand our client’s needs and that these are communicated clearly to our project team. By understanding the objectives before any works commence our projects get off to a good start and the chance of developing any problems are reduced. This also allows us to quickly respond to changes with minimal affect to cost and programme.

2. Understanding the Project & Planning

Every project has its very own specific code, and to be successful, it is imperative that we understand it and speak it fluently.

Prior to even commencing works on site we establish our “End Game Strategy” which is our road map to delivering a successful project. As part of our strategy we identify the key milestones of the project over its duration and set-out the critical path to the commissioning and the eventual handover of the project.

3. Communication & Managing Change

The nature of projects in our industry means that they are usually quick and change tends to be a common characteristic. In this type of environment, effective communications is critical to successful delivery.

We thrive on two way communication with our clients, keeping them informed with the progress of the project and communicating their correspondence with our supply chain. We also encourage regular meetings and workshops with our clients.

4. Evaluation

Upon project completion, it’s important for us to review performance against the initial aims of the project. Through this self-assessment and client feedback process we are able to get valuable insights on how the process can be improved for the next project.