St. Katherines Dock, London

Main Contractor
Leonari Ltd
6 Weeks
Mechanical Project Value
Project Manager
Malcolm Hollis
Blackstone Property Management
Project Status

The project involved the replacement of one 1,000 kW water cooled chiller located in the basement plantroom of International House.  Our scope of work included the breakdown and removal of the existing chiller and associated controls and replace with a more energy efficient chiller of the similar physical size or less to ensure it could be accommodated in the plantroom. The work required careful manufacturing and plant movement planning to ensure the new chiller can get moved through the occupied building to its final location in the basement, and subsequently rebuild onsite in its final position.

Modifications were required on both the chilled water and condenser pipework local to the chiller to suit the handing of the new chiller. BMS modifications were also carried out so as to operate the new chiller as a lead chiller for the system.